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We broke the water.

It took a little while, but we made it happen: liquid cannabis drops that you can add to virtually anything, from beverage to baked goods and everything in between. Created to dial in just the right experience for you, 1 squeeze from our little bottle will yield a 1 milligram shot of THC or a 5 milligram shot of CBD, keeping you in your flow and in control.

Reflecting the meticulous care we have applied to develop our cannabis infusions, our facility is surrounded by a breakwater that took us three years and 30 million pounds of rock to create. Those 600 loads of rock protect our little 10-acre island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Navigate new cannabis waters.

Breakwater shots are for independent-minded grown-ups seeking simple social cannabis alternatives and quality experiences. Like our name suggests, Breakwater smooths out the waves and keeps your boat anchored, if you take our meaning. 

New cannabis users are arriving on our shores every day – we’re here to help make their first experiences good ones with products that are simple, consistent and inviting.


Wash away the status quo.

Take Breakwater shots anywhere and add to anything. You set the pace, using as little or as much as you like, without having to commit to a full bottle or can of a regular cannabis beverage or alcohol product. 

Society is emerging from the cloud of misperceptions and stigma that once surrounded adult cannabis use and Breakwater products are here for those taking their first steps into a new world.

Oil and water. Together at last.

There was once a time where cannabis oil and water could not mix. Not any more. Without getting too technical, we use a homogenization process and leverage experience from the dairy industry.

The result is cannabis oil that can now be added to any water-based liquid to deliver consistent potency and effect.