Flow with the Go.

Welcome to Breakwater Cannabis, a Nova Scotia provider of liquid THC and CBD drops that you can take anywhere and use anytime.

Why the name Breakwater? Well, we have 30 million reasons for the name – that’s how many pounds of glacier round rock we used to create the breakwater around our little island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

It took us three years and 600 loads to finish it all to surround and protect our 10-acre island.

We are a group of people who enjoy a challenge. Like being able to add cannabis oils to water. A challenge we overcame and now present Canadians with two cannabis micro-dosing options: 10mg of THC or CBD in a discreet little bottle that can go anywhere with you (just not outside of Canada!).

One shot will yield one milligram, allowing users to completely control their experience. Because not everyone is a stoner.

Unlike a can or bottle of cannabis beverage, there is no commitment to a full 10mg, unless that’s what you’re after.

Now you can infuse anything that needs some added functionality or as a social addition to help you flow with the go.